• Coach Felicia’s THRIVE! is spiritually and mentally uplifting. She motivates and guides you to take control of your life once and for all!
    —Laila Ali, Super Middleweight Champ & Author



  • If your looking to exalt Christ, edify the body, and reach the lost, I could not more highly commend the ministry of The Ambassador.  He brings the boldly prophetic voice of a humble pastor. His passion for Christ and His Word are unavoidably contagious in his music as well as in his preaching and teaching. Bring him out to do a concert and to preach from the pulpit. Put him in front of your children, your teenagers, your college students, your young adults and your senior adults. Put him in front of hip-hop fans and skeptics alike. No matter who he stands in front of this much will be presented as crystal clear: Jesus Christ is Lord.  
    —Clint Darst, Imago Dei Evangelism Director
  • Shai is the lyrical theologian. With him you experience one of the most gifted lyricists combined with one of the brightest of theologians in one package. Shai believes in the power of the communicated gospel and works with all diligence to make sure Jesus Christ is the hero of every performance. Put him in front of all of your people and they will be blown away by his lyrical gifts, but more importantly they will be blown away by the Giver and Savior of those gifts, namely, Jesus Christ.
    —Clint Darst, Imago Dei Evangelism Director
  • I have had the privilege of sharing the platform with Oraia at different places around the country as she has been an invited speaker to conferences that I have been a part of. Oraia’s ministry is both unique and powerful, and the impact she has on all generations is evident. She has been trained and mentored by some of the greatest leaders in the U.S., and has served faithfully in other ministries prior to her establishing her own outreach. I would not hesitate to have her back any time I have the opportunity. Not only does she do spoken word, but she is also a tremendous teacher of God’s Word—very anointed and powerful. I cannot say enough good about her.
    —Nancy Alcorn, President & Founder of Mercy Ministries

  • Oraia's lyrcis sow life into all who listen and her words cultivate those seeds giving inspiration to live for Christ. I have felt God's presence in her music and know it will go to all who partake in this wonderful experience she offers.
    —Ron Luce, President & Founder of Teen Mania Ministries

  • Coach Felicia’s heart, voice and message embody the word empowerment. These words received from one of my SistaFriendz “Power of Purpose” event attendees said it all: ‘I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much of an inspiration your event was. Learning that I have a purpose and actually taking the necessary steps to start following my purpose were just some of the life lessons that I discovered that day and to be honest it changed my life.’ Coach Felicia was the perfect choice for such an important event and we look forward to having her time and time again!
    —Toya Beasley, Founder & CEO, SistaFriendz
  • I have watched Felicia blossom into an outstanding communicator and believe her depth, content and substance is destined to change the game for many who would listen to her life-changing message.
    —Dr. Myles Munroe, Int'l Bestselling Author & Leadership Expert
  • In a music world that is ever increasingly shouting "look at me, look at me," Dae-Lee brings a refreshing humility to his concerts. You walk away knowing his aim. Pointing people to his Savior.
    —Chad Stilwell, Sr. High Youth Pastor, Steele Creek Church of Charlotte

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